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Staff Training

Age-Bands and Needs

∆ Previous work with pre-k through graduate school in private, parochial, and public settings, spanning the range of development from general to special education.


∆ Help all learners develop skills for success in school, career, and life, and in utilizing community resources to improve outcomes.​

Staff Training 

∆ Giving practitioners tools for effective practice and means of reflecting on their personal and professional qualities, so they can advance in their careers and provide excellent service to others.  
∆ Help professionals promote the overall well-being and skill development of multiple constituents.

∆ Teach mindfulness techniques along with an array of skills so that practitioners are enabled to understand the context of their situation in great detail and be able to make better choices.

∆ Utilize evidence-based practices in the 
context of real-world situations to enhance meaning and transfer.

​∆ Previous trainings include those for Members of the Columbia University, Bank Street College of Education, and Fordham University Communities.

Social Entrepreneurship Consulting

NYC Independent School

∆ Designed opportunities for institutional expansion as architect for school’s strategic partnerships, revitalization, and marketing campaign.

∆ Advised Head of School and Chief Financial Officer regarding strategic state of school decisions.

∆ Helped raise enrollment by 15%; developed over 300 meaningful contacts, and over 25 alliances.

NYC Private Early Childhood School Group

∆  Strategic Consultant to Exec. Director. 
∆ Engaged entire administration and faculty in systemic school review and created a campaign for
     ∆ re-branding, revised marketing,
        website redesign & SEO enhancement
    ∆ increased enrollment
        & parent engagement 
    ∆ improved teacher evaluation      
        & elevated moral.

University Support Program

∆  Advise the management team of a large international mental health organization's new division to define their values, processes, and offerings to attract target clientele, funders, and other key collaborators and begin a process of enhanced development. 

International Emerging Mental Health Software Company

∆  Advise leadership on product, branding, & marketing strategy.

Child-Service Professionals

∆  Worked with medical, mental health, education, social service, & legal professionals to refine brand identity & formulate product & service offerings that motivate constituents and promote positive growth and wellness. 

NYC Education Alliance

∆ Redesigned stalled strategic & tactical marketing plan for education petition.
∆ Led to a 150% increase in signatures within 4 weeks time to surpass the goal, plus a beginning formation of a new alliance with a national education organization, connections to other like-minded New York organizations, and the strengthening of a relationship with a world-renowned New York City college.

Major University's Non-Profit Organization

∆  Promoted a friendraiser for the organization that provides 
neuropsychological evaluations to low-income students with disabilities.
​∆ Helped foster seed relationships whose potential could be developed immediately.

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Educational Services

∆ Education training for understanding and dealing effectively with complex cases.

∆  Individualized training for educators for self-marketing and social-emotional work-life issues.

∆ Professional effectiveness training, utilizing educational psychology and dialectical behavior therapy.

∆ Learning specialist support services for challenging cases from early childhood through adult.

∆ Parent education services for home-school success.

​∆  Presentations at city, regional, and national conferences on teaching effectiveness.

Increasing the Professional's Powers as

∆  Learning Doctors, who utilize their hearts, minds, and senses to diagnose student problems and prescribe interventions for remediation (Brophy & Good, 1986).
∆  Scholar-Practioners, who actively consume information and have an ongoing commitment to improve their practice.
Scientist-Practioners, who see their teaching environments as laboratories and take part in ongoing, thoughtful experimentation to improve student outcomes.
∆ Curriculum Developers, who create/appropriate curriculum to make an impact on student development, utilizing universal design and backward design principles that support high standards.
∆ Social Entrepreneurs, who combine sound learning and communication principles with critical thinking and problem solving skills to take on challenging  issues.
∆ Teachers, who draw upon a strong pedagogical and personal foundation to constantly revive their commitment to transforming student lives.

∆  Sub-contractor for NYCDOE literacy and social-emotional learning professional development.

 DBT.Solutions  The DBT Practice offering services for professionals in business & education, emerging adults, & university students.

Research & Development

Here  are major needs in education:

​1) to equalize the distribution of resources and opportunities for all students.
2) to increase teacher empowerment.
3) to develop students into 21st Century thinkers and doers who make meaningful, pro-social contributions to the world, and who act with gratitude, grit, open-mindedness, and self-control.
4) a mechanism for implementing Common Core Standards.
5) a means of strengthening the home–school partnership for all families to improve communication, engagement, and academic and social-emotional achievement.
6) high-quality literacy instruction that focuses on comprehension across the content areas.
7) high-quality math instruction.

PsySoEd Dynamics Is Addressing Needs:

∆  ACE stands for Always Capture Excellence and is based on the belief that all learners can succeed in school.  This system affords teachers and students a clear structure for communicating about assignments and discussing information, while linking academic to social-emotional learning goals.  It allows students to devise responses that show higher-order thinking, creativity, and insight, while encouraging meta-cognitive awareness and self-regulation.

​∆ PsySoEd Dynamics has also created an innovative arithmetic learning system takes a multi-sensory approach to learning addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division that teaches numerical and word problems effectively, builds number sense and computational fluency, and meets NCTM standards for Number and Operations focal points for multiple grades.  The system is compatible with other programs, can be incorporated in instructional or enrichment learning environments, makes math fun and approachable, builds long-term understanding, and fosters love of learning at home and in school.