JAmie M.
Cohen, MSED, EdM

Years of experience: 19
Position: Managing Member

Credential: New York State N - 6 General and Special Education

EdM Bank Street College Childhood Special Education
MSEd Bank Street College Childhood General Education
BA University of Massachusetts at Amherst
​Early Childhood Education & Italian

Positions Held:
Strategic Advisor, Consultant, Learning Specialist, Reading Specialist, Early Childhood and Elementary School Faculty Member in Public & Private Settings

We derive a meta-awareness of issues, find their essence, and create strategic and tactical action plans that foster achievement.  Our record shows how our values-oriented approach creates opportunities for sustained development and win-win situations for all.  

“Matthew brings the quality of intelligence, enthusiasm, creativity, and readiness to take on a challenge, and eagerness to cooperate in succeeding in any program of which he is a part.  Present him with a challenge and he will find an approach to meeting that challenge that will enhance your understanding of the central and related issues."

Doug Herron

Former Head, Robert Louis Stevenson School, NYC

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About Us

Three Reasons to Work with US

1. Our  ability to mindfully understand an opportunity and develop systemic strategic and tactical plans to capitalize upon it, for the benefit of multiple stakeholders.

2. Our aptitude for research, educational, and clinical acumen in solving diverse, complex problems in creative and practical ways.

3. Our skill at motivating internal and external constituents to broaden their capacities and give their all to a cause.

WE PROVIDE Consulting: Strategy, outreach, 
branding, marketing, instruction,
training, research & Development,
social entrepreneurship 



PsySoEd Dynamics, LLC amassed a great deal of intellectual capital.  With members having over 37 years of experience combined working with children through adults in a variety of settings, and five advanced degrees in education and psychology, PsySoEd Dynamics has developed a firm understanding of the psychosocial and educational challenges that teachers, learners, and administrators face and can develop customized solutions to make an impact.

​PsySoEd Dynamics has developed products and services for a variety of educational settings and disciplines spanning from social-emotional learning to mathematics to language arts.  It has a pipeline of products and services to meet the needs of today’s learners.

In addition, PsySoEd Dynamics has a talented pool of academic and practitioner consultants to assist in these endeavors.  
By taking a multi-disciplinary approach to curriculum, intervention, and assessment and social entrepreneurship development, PsySoEd Dynamics brings unique insight and skills to solving problems. 

PsySoEd Dynamics, LLC has a productive, well –supplied office space in a prime New York City location with high-quality telecommunications, fax, Internet, and computer technology.  It has access to premier research libraries and databases for developing content.  It has multiple means of transportation for getting to and from research sites, and can also communicate via videoconference.

By establishing strategic alliances with partners offering complementary skill sets, PsySoEd Dynamics looks to continue its growth projection. 

Matthew G. Mandelbaum, PhD

Years of experience: 18
Position: Managing Member,

Credential: New York State Licensed Psychologist


Executive Certificate in Nonprofit Leadership ​Fordham University

Certificate The Linehan Institute Dialectical Behavior Therapy 
PhD Fordham University Educational Psychology
MSEd Bank Street College Childhood General & Special Education
MA New York University Psychology
Independent Studies Art Students League of NY
BA University of Pennsylvania Economics (History of Art Minor)

Diploma The Pingry School
Diploma Far Brook School

Honors: Phi Beta Kappa, Psi Chi,
Phi Kappa Phi

Positions Held:
Strategic Advisor, Consultant, Administrator, University Faculty Member, Elementary, Middle, High School Faculty Member in General, Special, Parochial, Private and Public Schools, Dialectical Behavior Therapist, Learning Specialist